About Us

About Us

We are a congregation of around 2000 members with many more regular worshipers including a large number of children and young people. Being part of the Baptist Union of Nigerian Baptist Convention links us to around 1500 other churches in Nigeria, and to 40 million people worldwide. And being members of the Evangelical Alliance identifies us as mainstream Christians with a traditional faith who believe the Bible is both reliable and relevant. To find out more about the Baptist Union, click here to view their website.


What we believe

We believe God the Father made the world and provides for us. We believe his Son Jesus Christ came to earth to teach us God’s ways and show us God’s love. Jesus died so we can be forgiven and be put right with God; he rose from the dead so we can have new life and be certain of heaven. And we believe in the Holy Spirit who makes us part of God’s family and helps us share Jesus with those we meet.

We also believe that life is a journey, one we can make either towards God or away from him. Wherever you are on your journey of faith, or even if it hasn’t begun yet, we would love to share your journey with you. We run the Y-Course, to help you explore the Christian faith in the simplest way possible in a relaxed environment.


How we worship

WE have two worship services every Sunday, English Service by 7:30am and Yoruba Service by 10.00 a.m. and lasts around two hour each with around 2000 total attendance. Children and young people leave the service after the first quarter of an hour and go to their own activities. A crèche is available for pre-school children.

We have home cell fellowships which hold at various locations in different part of the city every Sunday evening at 5pm.

Our worship style blends old and new. Bible-based teaching is an important part of what we do.

Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday evening of the month.



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