First Baptist Church consists of various departments which include the MMU, WMU, Youth and the Children’s Departments. The basic aim of these departments is to engage in missionary activities, teach missions, and pray for mission amongst others.

The Youth Fellowship

The Youth Fellowship is the arm of the church that is set up by the Nigeria Baptist Convention to promote and encourage the spirit of Christian fellowship, love, unity and mutual understanding amongst the Youths (males and females between 18 and 45 years) of the ministry. In achieving the vision, the Youths have a regular fellowship with a view to helping each other to discover and pursue their God-given purpose in order to become Christ’s witnesses beginning from home, in the body of Christ (the church), and the world at large.

The Youth Fellowship under the leadership of the Holy Ghost engages in Bible-based activities aimed at preaching the good news including but not limited to binding up the broken hearted, proclaiming liberty to the captives, opening of the prison to them that are bound, declaring the acceptable year of the LORD and the day of vengeance of our God, comfort all that mourn and give unto them beauty for ashes especially the members of the household of faith.

Royal Ambassadors

Royal Ambassadors is the name of a Baptist worldwide missionary organization for boys between the ages of 10 and 35,  an international organization found in many countries of the world, wherever there are Baptists. It is found on many continents of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North American, and South America. The organization in Nigeria is called Royal Ambassadors of Nigeria (RAN), Nigerian Baptist Convention.

In its mission education and ministry plan, RAN has a foundational Christian education plans for Junior RA, boys between the ages 10 and 15, basic discipleship plans for intermediate RA, boys  ages 16 – 25 and solid mission education and action plans for Senior RA, who are boys within ages 26 – 35. It has the mandate of making real men out of boys.

The vision and work of Royal Ambassadors started in the United States of America in 1908 among the Brotherhood Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, USA; and came to Nigeria as one of the world’s leading organizations for boys through SBC missionaries.

The Women’s Missionary Union sponsored the organization from the beginning until 1954 when it was proposed that the men of the Nigerian Baptist Convention should take over the boy’s work. The situation that led to the proposal of Men and Boy’s Department  in 1961 which served both men and boys. Later it became  known as Men’s Missionary Union and Youth Department before translating to the defunct Missionary Organizations Department. Since 2010, the MMU has a departmental status fondly called Quazi Autonomous status. Today, the RA operates fully under the MMU.

Lydia Auxiliary

Lydia Auxiliary is an organization of women’s missionary union for unmarried ladies from 17 years of age (and who has never had any child), in churches, preaching stations, and medical institutions. A Lydia is eligible to become a member of WMU after marriage. The Lydia Auxiliary aims are to stimulate interest, to emphasize Christian living, to encourage daily Bible daily reading and prayer, to bring together all young women fro fellowship and witnessing, and to train in the art of soul-winning.


  • To stimulate missionary interest and the spirit of giving among ladies of Lydia age.
  • To emphasize Christian living in the home, town, place of business, school, and wherever one may go.
  • To encourage daily Bible reading and prayer.
  • To bring together businesswomen and students for fellowship, encouragement in vigorous witnessing, and active participation in the worldwide missionary task.
  • To train in the art soul-winning and to promote plans for the winning of the lost.

Baptist Student Fellowship

The Nigerian Baptist Convention’s Christian witness and ministry in institutions of higher learning are in response to the Lord’s command to make the gospel known to all persons.

Because schools are engaged in the quest for knowledge and truth of which God is the Source, the Christian perspective is essential to realize the ultimate in education. The unique nature of the student life and campus community demands a specialized ministry of the church to the individual need of students for redemption and Christian nurture within that community.


• To lead students to a commitment to Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.

• To involve them in the study of biblical truth and Christian discipleship.

• To lead them to relate academic disciplines to their Christian faith.

• To involve them in responsible church membership and denominational understanding and participation.


To plan and develop materials and services acceptable for use by campus organizations, church BSF organizations, Associations, Conferences, and Convention in order to establish, strengthen and improve the ministry to students in schools of higher learning and in churches.

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