Church History

Church History

The first recorded worship service was convened on October 10, 1911 at Magajiya house. All that these pioneer members could do was to worship and pray for the fear of being harassed by non Christians if effort was made to dedicate Sunday as a day of formal worship. There was neither the reading of the scriptures nor collection of offering because the non-believers threatened the existence of that tender beginning.

A house of worship was built in June 1914 on a plot of land that was acquired from Mr. Thomas Oyateru, from Ogbomoso. The building was erected on Cole Street, Jos.

Formal organized worship continued in the building until February 17, 1929 when the members moved into a new sanctuary of land on which our new building was erected which was donated by Mr. E.F. Adebayo. Mr. E.F. Adebayo died in November 1939. Rev. A.L. Olopade was the officiating minister for the occasion. He used II Chronicles 6:6 as the text for his message. There were 554 people in attendance and offering was collected. This formal organization of the church was done during the evening worship service on that same day. Rev. A.L. Oiopade officiated.


1.        Pastor T. A. Taiwo,  1928
2.        Pastor S. A, Adegbite, 1929
3.        Pastor E. A. Ladotun, 1930 -1936
4.        Rev. S. G. Bada, July 1937 – October 1938
5.        Pastor E. O. Agboola, August 1942 – December 1956
6.        Rev. D. A. Sanyaolu, January 1958 – December 1959
7.        Rev. (Dr) W. R. O. Ojo, January 1961 – July 1963
8.        Rev. J. A. Olaniyan, June 1967 – December 1973
9.        Rev. Duke !. O. Badejogbin, December 1974 – May 1975
10.       Rev. S. A. Oyedeji, June 1976 – December 1979
11.       Rev. (Prof.) Joshua Ola Oyekan, November 1980 -December 1995
12.       Rev. E. O. Akanbi, September 1997 – February 20Q2
13.       Rev. D. A. Ogunlowo, February 2003 till date
14.       Pastor Mobolayi Olaniyi, Music Pastor
15.       Pastor Victor Abolarin, Music Pastor
16.       Pastor ShehuAdamu, Missions Pastor
17.       Rev. Sunday Olaleye Fabunmi, Missions Pastor
18.       Rev. Benjamin Laniyi
19.       Rev. Akanji, I. A.
20.       Pastor Dodo Auta
21.       Evang. J. O. Koleoso
22.       Evang. Oje


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