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A Call To Acceptable worship

We need to know the nature of God who is giving us this promise today:  He is the one who holds the authorities of heaven and the earth (Matt.28:18), and there is nothing difficult for Him.  That God is saying fear not, He is with you. Read more

A Call To Wait Upon The Lord

Everybody is in haste to accomplish one great thing or the other and this had led so many people  to early grave, practical example of this can be seen among our secondary school student who will like to enter University the same year he / she completes his / her secondary school education at all cost.  Hence, many people have missed God’s designed pathway for their destiny. Read more

Arise And Build For God

We want to thank God for thus far He has led us in our sermon series on Christian marriage.  By the grace of God we are going to stop for a while because there is a Macedonian call to meet urgent needs in the vineyard of God.  About three weeks ago we inaugurated a committee for church launching service and this committee has devised means of generating fund for God’s work which we are trusting God that everyone of us will be mightily used of God to make this dream a reality. Read more


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