The Deaconate

The Deaconate Who We Are and What We Do The Deaconate, a group of men and women nominated, trained, elected and appointed by Baptist elders and members, exists to contribute to the building of a repentant and rejoicing community through loving, truth-telling relationships where practical, visible needs are being met while hearts are being changed through encounters with Jesus and one another.

The Board of Deacons also exercise special responsibilities regarding the spiritual life and growth of the church. Specifically, they assist in the observance of the Lord’s Supper, and they are expected to bring to the notice of the pastorate, cases of spiritual delinquency, illness and special needs among members, coming to their knowledge.


Dns R. O. AdeyemoDns R. O. Adeyemo
Dn Alice O. Affon

Dns A. O. Affon

Dn P A AjaoDn P. A. Ajao
Dn T. O. AkanjiDn T. O. Akanji

Dn T. A. Alagbe Dn T. A. Alagbe
deacon1Dn A. A. Alalade
Dn J. P. AmaoDn J. P. Amao
Dn Moses FabunmiDn Fabunmi Ayo

Dn E. A. Ojelola

Dn E. A. Ojelola

Dn  S. L. Oyediji

Dn T. O. Oyedeji

Dns H. W. OjoDns H. W. Ojo
Dns Sarah OladokunDns S. Oladokun

Dn A O Oladokun Dn A. O. Oladokun
Dn Thomas OyedejiDn A. O. Oyedeji
Dn  S. L. OyedijiDn S. L. Oyediji
Dn S. L. OyeniyiDn A. O. Oyeniyi


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